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What is the verb and adverb in the sentence The unpredictable volcanic activity discourages people from living there.

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    I see a verb, "discourages," but no adverb. There is a second verb form, "living," being used here as a gerund, but still, it's not an adverb.

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    An adverb answers the question: "How?" Many end in "ly."

    Here are some links on how to identify adverbs:


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    I would say the prepositional phrase from living there is itself the adverbial phrase as it describes what is discouraged. We had this question on my son's paper and we answered people because that is what or who is discouraged but it doesn't really describe discourages. I saw one site that said unpredictable is the answer but that is incorrect as unpredictable describes the activity not the verb discourages.

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