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So in a couple weeks I have to do my final project it has to be about : Develop a unique proposal that describes a new health care system. Consider the current U.S. health care system’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.

Was just wondering if someone could recomend an idea for a unique proposal for a new health care system?

I will do all my own research just looking for ideas...

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    You could research health care in another country -- like Canada, the U.K., France, Netherlands, or Sweden.

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    I have the same assignment due!!!
    the assignment states to develop a unique proposal that describes a new health care system, it does not say it has to be a good one.....

    I'm thinking of turning the tables a bit and suggest a far worse option that leaves many without affordable care, and puts a higher burden on those who try to abuse the system.

    too much money is spent on 911 calls for ear aches and diarrhea. start charging fees for this BS. give hospitals the ability to refuse care to the people they don't want to deal with or can't pay. also the ability to seize assets of the people that seek care, even with insurance, that don't pay their fair share of the total cost of more free loaders.

    people always want to complain about a system in place, forgetting that it could be much worse.

    survival of the fittest, down with fatso's. what would the world be like if all of the disease ridden genetic reproducers were filtered out naturally?

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    Okay your system would never pass the board let alone the goverment are you freaking retarded. I am one of those people who have no insurance and I have to pay out of my poket for my care and let me tell you something it is not cheap I just paid 2500 cash mind you for a dentist to pull 5 teeth. Four being wisdom teeth. So if you think you can be smart and try to throw a wrench into a system that has been working for years and think your going pass the class then your stupid. Yes they have people that abuse it that is wrong agree with you there. My girl just had a C section done for her new baby son and if it was not for the medical insurance provided by our states welfare then I would say she would have not had her child and if my son would die because of your stupid plan I would personally have to kick your ass and maybe worse so before you try to think your a anarchy please look that up in the dictionary if you know what one is; before you try and make yourself seem smart. I bet your a republician and never had to work for anything and mommy daddy bought you everything. people likd you make me sick as hell. GROW UP!!

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    Wow Joey,

    For someone telling someone to "GROW UP!!" you sure are ignorant to the idea yourself. FYI its pocket not poket. Also, its people like you, who are killing this country. Get an education, get a good job that provides health insurance, and get off the Government teet.

    I am a Republican and I've worked for my own things since I was 15, so before you even say anything about that, let me cut you off now. I raised myself in downtown Baltimore and I'll be damned if anyone tells me just because someone is a Republican, means they were a spoiled brat. You my ignorant son, need to learn about subjects before you preach about subjects.


    A hard working white republican female

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    @ joey:

    if you would have read everything he wrote, you would have seen that he was intentionally using a bad idea to make a point. he was thinking outside of the box. the assignment called for an idea. as he pointed out, the syllabus did not call for a GOOD idea.

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