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You are hosting a party at a restaurant. The restaurant charges $150 to reserve the room plus $25 per person for food and drink.

1. Write a linear equation representing your total bill based on the number of people at your party.

2. If you graph this line, what is its slope?

3. What does the slope represent in this scenario?

  • algebra -

    A standard linear equation is

    y=cost in this case
    x=number of people
    m=slope, and represents unit increase in y (cost in this case) per unit increase in x (number of people)
    b=fixed cost, i.e. cost even when nobody shows up.

    Post your answers if you need confirmation.

  • algebra -

    1. C=25P+150. C=Total cost. P=The number of people attending.

    2. Slope=25

    3. The slope represents the cost per person.

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