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Posted by Judy on Friday, June 4, 2010 at 9:08pm.

If 120 mL of 2.8333 M aqueous HCl reacts stoichiometrically according to the balanced equation, how many milliliters of 4.43 M aqueous FeCl3 are produced?

Fe2S3(s) + 6HCl(aq) → 3H2S(g) + 2FeCl3(aq)

Molar Mass (g/mol)
HCl 36.461
FeCl3 162.21
Density (g/mL)

Molar Volume (L)
22.4 at STP
Gas Constant

I did

(2.8333mol x 120mL x 2mol FeCl3)/ (1000ml x 6mol)
got .113332mols and converted to mL by

(4.43mol x 1000) / .113332mol
and got 39089ml

i don't know if i did it correctly, the number seem pretty big

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