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a) What is meant by the terms dermal (intramembranous) and endochondral with respect to bone? Give an example of each.
b) With the aid of simple diagrams, describe the parts of a young (growing) bone, as typified by the femur.

i am comfused with that

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    Did you happen to look any of these terms up in a good dictionary and/or Thesaurus. That's always a good place to begin.

    1. The dermal bone, the pattern and form of bones derived from intramembranous ossification, define essential components of the vertebrate skeleton including the skull, jaws, gills, fins and exoskeleton.

    For reference, here's a Medical Dictionary I think you will like:

    2. Bone, endochondral: Any bone that develops in and replaces cartilage.

    The cartilage is partially or entirely destroyed by the process of calcification. The cartilage is then resorbed (reabsorbed), leaving bone in its place. Many bones are formed this way, particularly the long bones of the arms, legs, and ribs.

    "Endochondral" means "within cartilage."

    3. Here's a nice drawing of the femur:


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