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Two identical particles, each of mass 1400 kg, are coasting in free space along the same path. At one instant their separation is 30.0 m and each has precisely the same velocity of 820 m/s. What are their velocities when they are 4.00 m apart?

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    There is something contradicotry or incomplete about your question. If they have the same velocity and same psth at one time, in order for the separation to change, they must be accelerating at different rates. Yet you say that both are "cossting in free space"

    This makes no sense to me

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    I know!
    but that's the exact homework question I have.
    I think it means that at that instant (when they're 30 ft apart) they have the same velocity. But mass 2 is gaining on mass 1. But I could be mistaken.

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