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Is there a difference between TI-89 Titanium calculator and TI-83 calculator?
Because I'm taking a final exam and my teacher will only allow us to use a TI-83 calculator and
I've never used it... like for putting in the parentheses with the log when dividing log4-log7 / log6... Is log the same as ln because I tried using it on my friend's calculator and it gave the wrong answer.

Would I put it in as ((log(4)-log(7))/((log(6)) ?

Also my teacher said that if we want to keep the answer from a problem to use in another problem I needed to use something to save the whole number (for example when the number is 0.85694...). An example would be finding the half life of something (finding the growth or decay factor (the k) in the equation y=ne^kt) and then putting the answer found for k into another equation.
Does anyone know what I need to do on the TI-83 calculator???

Thanks, and also can someone answer this and not put a website?

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    Is TI-83 a graphing calculator? Because if it is then the teacher will not let me use the TI-83 either. Is there another caculator with the log and ln, square root...? Is it the TI Scientific Calculator that does not have graphing? Because the TI Scientific Calculator is the one that my friend had, and I had trouble with it? If so, could someone answer the questions above for the TI Scientific Calculator? Thank You

    Also is there a website with the online TI Scientific Calculator so I can practice?


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    For the difference between the 2 calculators, try here:

    Here is how to use a graphing calculator:


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    how do you put 6^2/3*6^2/3 in a calculator or how you put fractions in

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    ln 3000000-ln500/6

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