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1. a flagpole is 20ft tall and casts a 28ft long shadow . a tree has a shadow that is 49 ft long. how tall is the tree?

2. there are 6 pieces of paper in a box numbered 1 through 6. mark needs to pick a 3 and then a 5 in order to win. the first pick is not replaced. what are his chances of winning?

-is the answer 1/10

3. oranges were on sale 6 for #1.25. Mariah bought 8 oranges . how much did she spend?

-is the answer $1.67

  • math! -

    1. 20/28 = x/49 Solve for x.

    2. The probability of 3 on first draw is 1/6 and 5 on the second draw = 1/5. To find probability of both events occurring, multiply the individual events.

    3. Right!

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