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Homework Help: diversity in classroom ( need a lil better underin

Posted by scoobyu on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 8:26pm.

• Imagine that you have been asked to serve on the advisory board for a new, alternative school program in your school district. The advisory board must specify the factors that will be considered in determining which students qualify for the program and they must create a plan that can be presented to the school board for approval and potential implementation at the beginning of the school year two years from now.

 What part of the at-risk population will the program serve?
*are they talking about who the program will serve like students etc..*

 How will students be identified for the program?
8are they talking aboiut liek the court appointing them ciz of drug problem*

 How will the program address the needs of the students? * are they talking about offering classes to get clean, or like a big bro big sis thing*

 What additional social resources are available in the community that can be utilized for greater success? * am not sure*

 What are the potential positive impacts for the district, students, and community? not sure

 What are the necessary steps for implementing the program?
not sure

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