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Okay these questions have me stumped!
#1. which of the following is an accurate statement about the government of india since 1947
a) since its independence, hindu religious law has been the law of the land
b) although considered an independent democracy, the real political power remains in the hands of the British
c) although there has been a great deal of ethnic unrest in the country , india remains the worlds largest democracy
d) when the prime minister of india was assassinated the military took over the government and has remained in power ever since
i think its C on #1
#2. what mountain range prevents moisture from the summer monsoon winds reaching the interior of the subcontinent
a) Karakorum range
b) himalayas
c) eastern Ghats
d) western Ghats

#3. in order to avoid being ruled by a majority religion to which they did not belong, in 1947
A) 12 million indians migrated to other asian nations
b) all of the muslims living in pakistan left the country
c) millions of hindus moved to india, and millions of muslims moved to pakistan
d) most of the hindus living in india moved to pakistan

#4. the purpose of japans imperialist policy in the early 1900s was to
a) spread japanese culture and religions to other parts of the world
b) strengthen japans economy through obtaining additional natural resources
c) acquire strategic defense positions in the event of a world war
d) establish new markets for selling raw materials

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    You're right about number 1.

    Sorry -- but I couldn't find the answer for # 2. Check your text.

    3. Check this site -- especially the part about the impact of partition.

    4. Japan has never wanted to spread it's culture and has few raw materials. What do you think is the best answer?

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    #2 is b

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    What mountain range prevents moisture from the summer monsoon winds from reaching the interior of the subcontinent?
    Karakorum Range
    Eastern Ghats
    Western Ghats

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