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Homework Help: math

Posted by alia on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 8:21pm.

).Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined.
2).Find the lcm of (6+7u), (36-49^(u^2)),and(6-7u) ?
3). The speed of train a is 14 mph slower than the speed of train b. Train a travels 190 miles in the same time it takes train b to travel 260 miles. Speed of each train?
Train A?
Train B?
4). To determine the number of deer in a game preserve, a conservationist catches 685 deer, tags them and lets them loose. Later 428 deer are caught, 214 of them are tagged. How many deer are on the preserve?
5). Find the lcm of 2(x-11) and 22(x-11)?
For this one I come out with 2 was wondering if it was correct?
6). (7r)/(r2-1)+(r)/(r-1) = (r(r+8))/((r-1)(r+1)) Can someone please tell me if this is correct?

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