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5).Hat size are determined by the measuring the circumference of the head in either inches or centimeters. Use ratio and proportion to complete the following table.
Hat size Head circumference Head Circumference
7 ½ to nearest 1/5 inch to the nearest centimeter
7 3/8 23 3/5 60
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6). A sample of 144 firecrackers contained 8 duds. How many duds would you expect in a sample of 1584 firecrackers?
7). Find the variation constant and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y = 30 when x = 3. The variation constant is k=?
8). The number N of aluminum can used each year varies directly as the number of people P using the cans. If 57 people use 20.919 can s in one year, how many cans are used in a city which contains a population of 1.777.000?

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