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Math Prob/solving

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As Frank drives to work he has to pass through three lights. The probability that any light is green is 39%. Estimate the probability that exactly two lights will be green. Use the following list of digits which was taken from a table of random numbers. In each pair of digits, let 00-38 represent a green light and let the digits 39-99 represent a light that is not green. Start at the top left of the table and move all the way across to the right of the table before moving down to the next row.

A)7/25 B) 5/25
C)6/25 D)4/25

  • Math Prob/solving -

    You have not provided the random number table, but a combinatorial formula can be used for the exact probability

    P = (0.39)^2*(0.61)*[3!/2!) = 0.27834 = 6.96/25

    Answer A is closest.

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    Julie is solving the equation x2 + 5x + 6 = 0 and notices that the discriminant b2 - 4ac has a value of 1. This tells her that the equation has

  • Math Prob/solving -

    If a storm window has an area of 315 square inches, which equation can be used to find the dimensions when the window is 6 inches higher than it is wide (x represents height)?

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