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Health Anatomy

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Male Anatomy:
What is Sterility in a Male Anatomy?
and also Seminal vesicle?

Female Anatomy:
What are the Fallopian Tubes and Endometrium?

Definitions please...

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    Have you tried a good dictionary? Here are some links to medical diction aries:

    After you have searched for the terms above, feel free to repost anything you do not find.


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    Fallopian Tubes: (the ampulla) is the site of fertilization.
    Endometrium: is the innermost membrane of the uterus which gets shed during a woman's monthly menstrual cycle.
    Sterility in males: may vary depending on the cause, but it's the inability of a spermatozoa to penetrate the corona radiata of the ovum
    Seminal Vesicles : receive the ductus deferens and empty into the prostate gland. Form a high fructose liquid which participates in the formation of semen.

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