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pleeaasee hellpp!!

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A and B are positive acute angles. If sin A=(3/5) and cosB= (12/13) find the value of sin (A+B)

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    See my last response.

  • pleeaasee hellpp!! -

    obviously its math so can you please just do the problem

  • pleeaasee hellpp!! -

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Be sure to go back into your textbook or use a good search engine.

    Once YOU have come up with attempted answers to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to comment on your thinking.

  • pleeaasee hellpp!! -

    first you have to find the angles cosA and
    SinB using pythogoras theorem. Then using the property expand Sin(A+B)and then substitute the given values. similarly do the same for cos(A+B) and find the quadrant in which A+B lies. That's it!!!

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