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Ms. Sue I have to create a plot for my A-Z story :The Ugly Duckling. Could you please check to see if I have gotten everthing under the right place. Thanks a lot 4 ur help:-)


-A mother duck has given birth to seven ducklings.

Initiating Action:
-the mother duck notices the odd looking one in the group

Rising Action:
-The duck runs away from home because he feels hurt being called an ugly duck by his farm folks. His siblings don't pay any attention towards him either. An old grandma finds him and takes him home. She wants to feed it and eat it fully grown.

-The duck thinks of a plan and is able to get loose from that old lady. He is able to run away from her capture.
-An old man sees the homeless duckling and decides to take care of it by taking it to his home.

Falling Action:
-Years go by, and the man finally lets the grown swan free.

-The swan sees its reflection in the nearest pond, and is astonished to see its beautiful sight. Some other swans meet up with it and he hears kids say that he looks the finest of them all.

  • To Ms. Sue -

    Great job, Sara!

    I don't have anything to add to your plot outline.

  • To Ms. Sue -

    Thank you Ms. Sue:-)

  • To Ms. Sue -

    You're welcome, Sara.

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