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Spanish Preterite Check!!!!

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Could someone tell me if these are the only things that I need to know for the Preterite?
- the time expressions
-the ar and er/ir endings
-the car,gar,zar endings for the yo form
- no written accents: ir,ser,ver,dar

are there any other irregular endings? I think what I wrote is all I need to know to use the Preterite...but idk.


  • Spanish Preterite Check!!!! -

    The Preterit has more irregular verbs than any other tense!

    Many verbs have an odd stem plus unstressed preterit endings, meaning no accent marks. One is andar
    yo anduve, tu anduviste, él/ella/usted anduvo / nosotros/nosotras anduvimos, ellos/ellas/ustedes anduvimos.

    Here are some others:
    poder = pude, pudiste, pudo, pudimos, pudieron
    poner = puse, pusiste, puso, pusimos, pusieron
    decir = dije, dijiste, dijo, dijimos, dijeron (this one dropped the i)
    saber = supe, etc.
    tener = tuve, etc.


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