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These are all fill in the blank questions.

Most objects _____ some colors or wavelengths of light and ____ others.

When you paint a picture in art class the color is produced by color _____.

Color was assed by hand called ____.

__________ developed the making of metal letters in the standard size molds which speeded up the printing process.

The first successful method of large scale color printing is called _____.

One mold was needed for each ____ of ink.

Now we use just 4 different plates to print in color. Black, _________, _______, and ________.

The rain forest is an enormous food factory powered by ______.

A green chemical called ________ hardnesses the light energy from the sun.

The forest canopy looks green because the leaves reflect ______ light.

The foood making process is called ______ which means "making with light."

The snake and other animals of the forest directly or indirectly can trace its food to the _____.

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    Rachel -- the Jiskha tutors are glad to help you with your homework.

    But we do not DO your homework!

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    Okay, I get that. But I don't know where I would find these answers. Which is why I'm here asking you because honestly, I don't know them at all!

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    If they're not in your book or a handout from your teacher, then ask your teacher for another source of information.

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