March 28, 2015

Homework Help: LAL! check my work

Posted by Sara! on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 7:19pm.

check if my sentences is correct

part.= participle phrase

ger.= gerund phrase

inf.= infinitive phrase
or none

and the phrases are capitalized . are they correct

1. the news showed pictures of houses destroyed by the hurricane. NONE

2. would you ever want TO GO ON A 2-WEEK TRIP TO COLORADO? GER.

3. TAKING IT EASY is my sister's idea of a good vacation. GER.

4. TO EAT TOO MANY DESSERTS is not a very good idea. INF.

5. rod is PLAYING THE PIANO in the school jazz band. PART.

6. HEARING MY DAD'S VOICE ON THE PHONE, i answered quickly. PART.

7. she doesnt really enjoy working after school. NONE

8. nicole was WONDERING which class would be better for her major. PART.

9. in soccer, players use their feet TO DO ALMOST EVERYTHING. INF.

10. thomas prefers swimming in a pool rather than in ocean. NONE

11. FINISHING ALL MY HW BY 8 OCLOCK won't be easy. GER.


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