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Posted by Franco on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 9:40am.

Can you check if all the sentences are grammatically correct? Consider also the expressions in paretheses, please.

1.He describes all the classes but not the peasants and the aristocracy.
2.They couldn’t have afforded to pay for the journey.
3.They set off on a journey to Canterbury.
4.Aries, symbolized by the Ram, has its strongest sun in April.
5.It rains heavily in spring.
6.On her brooch there was the inscription “love conquers all”.
7.Write the numbers in letters when writing a paragraph.
8.There would have been 120 tales.
9.The aristocracy and the peasants are not portrayed.
10.There will be a prize for the one who tells the best story and a penalty for anyone who gives up.
11.The aristocracy is not present (is not represented, portrayed, described) in the tales.
12.They begin their journey at the Tabard Inn and go to Canterbury, which symbolizes the holy, celestial city of Jerusalem. The voyage turns into both a metaphor and an allegory for (of?) life.
13. She didn't respect the monastic rules that ordered to keep the forehead covered. (?)

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