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In Romeo and Juliet, why did Romeo choose poison instead of a dagger on himself when he found out that Juilet was "dead"?

I can figure out that money was what poisoned the Capulets and Montagues. So he would like to buy poison from the apothecary even if it was illegal. But I can't figure out why he did not choose a dagger instead of poison.

Thank you.

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    He did use the dagger
    He tried to drink the poison becuase he wanted to die the same way Juliet did

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    (To Sarah: Are you sure you aren't mixing up Romeo and Juliet? Juliet was the one who used Romeo's dagger on herself, when should could not find any poison on the vial or Romeo's lips.)

    When Romeo learns of Juliet's "death" (Act 5 Scene 1), he plans to be join her and goes to an apothecary to buy poison.

    The question I have is why did he choose to use poison on HIMSELF rather than a dagger, to join Juliet?

    Ie. What was Shakespeare's intent on making Romeo use poison rather than a dagger to kill HIMSELF?

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    Because with poison is like to sleep with juliet forever without being hurt just die with her and be with her together. But with the dagger he will get hurt and that's not his goal his goal is to be with her forever.

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