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Homework Help: To Ms. Sue

Posted by Sara on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 8:00pm.

Ms. Sue this is the A-Z story which I have been working on a few days ago. Finally it has been completed, and I would like you to edit it for me. I think that I have started it out well, but my ending bits are weird. I'll appreciate all the help you could give me. Thanks a lot:-)

The Ugly Duckling

A duck gave birth to seven ducklings one fine morning. Beauty shone from the indentical ones. CHarm appealed from them. Dejection had the mother duck come across, after seeing the odd looking one. Ever did she wonder if that gray-feathered duckling was hers. Forgetting about his appearance, she decided to keep it. Gentle she was with that odd duckling, unlike the the other fam folks who always made fun of it. How that poor duckling longed for companionshp. It decided to run away after being caled ugly tons of times. Jeered he always was being by his siblings. Kinsfolk of his never appreciated him. Lost was that poor duckling, until this old grandma brought him to her home. Mainly all that grandma wanted to was feed that duckling lots of good so it could grow fat and then she could cook it. Nervousness was beginning to develop within that poor duckling. Only one solution was left for the duckling. Possibly he could run away. "Quack", he yelled. 'Run away', said his conscience. Slowly he managed to think of a plan and was lucky enough to run away. Then one day, an old man was walking in the woods. Under a small tree, he saw the poor duckling and took him home. Valued by that man, the duck felt very pleased. With years passing by; the man soon decided that it was time for him to let the duck free. Xenphobia had the duck faced on his firs meeting with the man, but he was going to miss that old guy. Yearning to see how he looked like, he went to the nearest pond and saw his reflection. Zooming around with happiness some birds yelled out to him, that he looked so fine.

Please make any corrections and or any changes.:-)

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