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HCR 210

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I have an assignment for week 4 in HCR210 due Sunday. We are to interview small, medium-sized and large medical facilities and ask 13 questions regarding medical/patient records. There are no facilities in my area willing to disclose any information for these general questions. Any suggestions on how to complete the assignment?

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    I'd tell your instructor that you cannot complete this assignment because of the reasons you've posted.

    In my opinion, the assignment is out of line, invasive, and unnecessary.

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    You can have your instructor fax a form to them explaining the course. I too had that problem. Once the facilities got the faxes, it was fine. This was explained to you in your Syllabus as well as the instructors notes during Week 1.

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    ms sue,

    r u trying to make someone fail their class? u have to be kidding me! it is completely disrespectful for any student to tell his/her teacher that he/she WILL NOT complete an assignment. the answers for the questions are used from week four to week nine, so it is extremely important that she/he gets the information.

    @cathy: if you cannot get answers locally, call other towns. you will eventually find the three you need.

    For anyone else in this claas: start this assignment early so that u can be done on time.

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    Thats funny. I just finished that class and had no problem. The instructor will have no sympathy if you say you cannot get it done because A. you are supposed to start it week one B. there is a form that can be sent from the school explaining its an assignment and C. My instructor had a list of places willing to answer our questions if we could not find our own. Also you never say what the facilities are so you can also just make it up really. Although your out of the class now obviously but for someone else who may be stupid enough to come acoss the same problem

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