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Does the size of a 1,5V cell(battery) affect the internal resistance of a circuit containing: 3 different size batteries,multimeter,connecting wire,a light bulb resistor.How do i set up this experiment.I'm really lost, please help. Thank you in advance

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    Not only the size but the age of the battery will affect the circuit's internal resistance. The age also affects the zero-current EMF, especially for Ni-MH and alkaline batteries.

    If you measure the battery EMF with and without the light bulb in the circuit, and measure the current low, you may be able to deduce both the zero-current EMF and the internal resistance.

    You will have to perform the measurement with three different battery sizes. Try fresh AAA, AA and D alkalaine types. The zero-current EMF should be 1.55 V in each case.

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