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Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much in advance.

1) You mustn't speak in a loud voice in the library.
2) In Britain you must drive on the right.
3) A make-up artist is someone who puts make-up on actors' and actresses' faces.
4) A scriptwriter is someone who writes the text (and not "texts") for a film (and not films?), a play or a TV-programme.
5)I'm wearing: a black zip-up hoodie with a coloured design on it, a coloured T-shirt,
6) Popular clothes among teenagers are: blue skinny washed-out jeans, hoodies, V-neck T-shirts, multicolor (?) trainers
7) She is always smartly dressed. She dresses smartly. She wears smartly clothes.
8) You don't have to reserve a table at the (and not in the) restaurant.

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    Delete all in parentheses; delete the comma after "it" in #5 and insert "and"; delete the colon after "are" in #6; add commas after "blue" and "skinny" in #6; add period at the end of #6; delete the third sentence in #7.

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