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what are the conjugations for jugar

  • spanish -

    For the Present Indicative tense:
    jugar = to play
    yo juego = I play, DO play, AM playING
    tú juegas = you (familiar, singular) play, DO play, ARE play ING
    él/ella/usted juega = he/she/you (formal, singular) play(s), DO(ES) play, ARE/IS playING

    nosotros/nosotras juegamos = we play, DO play, ARE playING
    vosotros/vosotras jugais = you (familiar plu ral ) play, DO play, ARE playING
    ellos/ellas/ustedes juegan = they/you-all play, DO play, ARE playING

    Each form in the Present Indicative usually has 3 translations in English.


  • spanish -

    nosotros JUGAMOS not juegamos

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