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Posted by TJohnson on Monday, May 17, 2010 at 2:39pm.

[1.5%] ANOVA: Three groups of 5 students were tested in their ability to correctly answer a 10-question quiz under different formats. Group 1 had a True/False quiz, Group 2 had a Fill-In quiz, and Group 3 had a Multiple Choice quiz. Their scores were as follows:

True/False Fill-In Multiple Choice
6 3 6
8 5 10
9 6 6
7 7 8
10 5 7

Test whether there was a difference in performance on answering the same general questions under different formats. Use a .05 level of significance.

6a) P-value = ________________
6c) Can we conclude a difference in means? YES or NO (circle one)
6d) If the null is rejected, which specific differences are statistically significant?
T/F vs. Fill-in Fill-in vs. Multiple Choice T/F vs. Multiple Choice
(circle all that apply)

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