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please,i need help on this question:a thin circular ring of radius 20cm is charged with a uniform charge density(rho),if a small section of 1cm length is removed from the ring.calculate the electric field intensity at the center of the ring

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    At the center of the ring, the charge would be zero at the center before the 1 cm segment is removed, due to symmetry considerations. Use a principle of superposition. The ring with a segment removed is the same as a complete ring (zero field) minus a 1 cm segment of the opposite charge. The latter can be approximated as the field of a point charge or, with better accuracy, as a straight line segment. You want the field 20 cm away, normal to the line.

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    Atthe centre of the ring the electric field is zero.because the ring is considered as a point,which cannot experience its own field except by an external body

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