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1.The base of a triangle is 5cm greater than the height. The area is 33cm(2). Find the height and the length of the base?
2. Factor
4. Find the GCF
For this one I think the gcf is 5 Is this correct?
5. Factor by grouping

  • math -

    1. height -- x
    base -- x+5

    solve (1/2)x(x+5) = 33
    (you will end up with a quadratic which factors very easily)

    2. Do you mean x^2 - 7x ??
    then x(x-7)

    3. do you mean 5a^6 - 1080a^3 ??
    I see a common factor of 5a^3

    4. yes

    5. retype the question, don't know what the -* is supposed to mean. Also use 8x^3 for "8 x cubed"

  • math -

    1. B = H + 5

    Area = 1/2 BH

    Substitute H + 5 for B in the second equation and solve for H. Put that value in the first equation to find B. Check by putting both values into the second equation.

    2. X^2 = X squared online

    X^2 + 7X = X(X + 7)

    I will let you do 3 using the same process.

    4 is correct.

    5. I'm not sure what this formula is.

    8X^3 - X^2 - X + 1 (?)

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