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Assignment: HSM Law Profile Paper
· Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
· Select a current or proposed law that impacts the delivery of human services.
· Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in APA format that answers the following questions:
o What reliable resources are available to learn about the implications of this law?
o What is the purpose or rationale of the law?
o How will the law affect day-to-day operations within human service organizations?
o What are the arguments for or against the law?
o What are the potential ramifications to clients and the organization if the law is not
· Use logical inquiry and problem solving to arrive at a recommendation or an evaluative
· Include at least two outside sources to support your recommendation

  • hsm230 -

    What kind of HELP do you need? You need to be specific when asking questions here.

    If all you do is post your entire assignment, nothing will happen since no one here will do your work for you. But if you are specific about what you don't understand about the assignment or exactly what help you need, someone might be able to assist you.

  • hsm230 -

    what is the type of law arethey talking about and what impacts?

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