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relgious education

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For my RE homework I need to write an essay about the differences,
similarities between Christianity and Judaism.
the teaching and beliefs of the two religions. anyone know of any sites which explain it simply.

thanks any help would be great :)

  • relgious education -

  • relgious education -

    Here are some notes from my talk on Judaism.

    How do Jews — as a group — differ from Christians? How does their style of living differ from Christianity?

    There are probably more similarities than differences. Both share the Old Testament. (Yarmelke/Kippah → ashes, talis/talit → Catholic stole) Some of the differing terms are due to language differences of Ashkinazi (final s) vs. Sephardic (final t). Also there is Yiddish and Ladino.

    In contrast to the Christian emphasis on faith, Judaism emphasizes deeds — Mitzvah or plural, Mitzvoth. (Q on what makes a good Christian.) There are 613 mitzvoth that a pious Jew can do, which include the ten commandments, but also includes various rituals, such as lighting the Shabbas/t (Sabbath) candles or the Bar and Bas/t Mitzvah — similar to Christian confirmation. Mitzvah means “commitment” or “commandment.” The meaning has evolved to essentially refer to any act of human kindness, “good deed.” In Judaism, “It is not the word, but the deed is the chief thing.”

    Instead of emphasizing the hereafter as Christianity does, Judaism emphasizes life here and now, there is no specific concept of heaven and hell as there is in Christianity. (Explain)

    Jews do not believe in Christ as a deity, but they acknowledge Jesus as a good man. Jesus tends to be seen as the child of G-d as any one of us is seen as a child of G-d.

    Jews do not believe in “original sin.”

    I hope this helps a little more.

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