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DR Bob,
can you go through the steps to work this out please....
how many grams of alcohol with a density of 0.900 g/cm ^3 (cm cubed) will have the same volume as 20.0g of mercury,with a density of 13.6 g/cm ^3

Do you have to find the volume of mercury first???
I know the answer is 1.32....i just don't know how to get there....
Thanks ANDY


    The volumes are the same. Volume in mass divided by density.
    (mass/density) of mercury = (mass/density) of alcohol

    Alcohol mass = [(alcohol density)/(mercury density)]*(mecury mass)
    = (0.900/13.6)*20 = 1.324 g
    Rouded to two figures, that is 1.32 g


    thanks..... andy

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