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college physics

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Tarzan stands on a branch, petrified with fear as a leopard approaches. Fortunately, Jane is on a branch of the same height in a nearby tree, holding a 25m long vine of negligible mass attached directly above the point midway between her and Tarzan. Jane grasps the vine and steps off her branch with negligible initial velocity. How soon does she reach Tarzan? Find an expression for the maximum tension in the vine in terms of Jane’s weight mg and the maximum angle the vine makes with the vertical.

  • college physics - ,

    how soon does she reach tarzan


    the rest i'm still working on

  • college physics - ,

    would the equation to sovle for the maximum tension be:

    T=mg + Fc = mg + m*v^2/R ?????

    does anyone have the expression for the maximum angle?

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