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Posted by y912f on Friday, May 14, 2010 at 12:46pm.

Desert Island Essay

Pre-writing Sheet:
Step 1: Choosing a Topic
-Caribbean Islands
-Adriatic Islands
-Baltic Islands
-Mediterranean Islands
-Pacific Islands

Step 2: Narrowing a Topic
-Caribbean Islands~Barbados~Bridgetown, Barbados

-The Island I chose is one of the Caribbean Islands

- I chose Barbados as my topic

-My topic will be about Bridgetown, Barbados.

Step 3: Arrangign Details
-The type of essay being written is a narrative essay. This essay will be organized chronologically. It will explain a series of events in the order in which they occurred. The narrative essay will tell a story based on an imaginative event. The story will be organized in a chronological order as follows:
Topic: Banishment to the Island of Barbados
1. Why I was banished to the Island and by whom
2. Adjusting to the environment
3. Using resources (my companions, books, supplies, etc.)
4. Setting food on the Island

Drafting-Organization Sheet
1. Broad subject: A desert Island
2. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement: Barbados
3. Limited Topic for Thesis Statement: Survival Barbados
4. Three-Step Format for Thesis Statement:1) Learning about the environment and climate of Barbados
2) Getting help from companion and book
3) How to get food on the Island

5. Thesis statement with Three-Step Format:
When I was banished to Barbados, I learned to survive by adjusting myself to the environment. Using resources to my advantage, and getting a good supply of food from the Island.

I'm about to post up the directions and requirements for this essay. But this was all my pre writing that I did.

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