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Which solution would show the GREATEST change in pH on the addition of 10.0 mL of 1.0 M NaOH to 1.0 L of each of the following solutions?

a. 0.50 M CH3COOH + 0.50 M NaCH3COO.

b. 0.10 M CH3COOH + 0.10 M NaCH3COO.

c. 0.50 M CH3COOH.

d. 0.10 M CH3COOH.

e. 0.50 M NaCH3COO.

4. (Points: 1)
Which of the following, when added to water, will not change the pH?

a. NaHCO3

b. NH4NO3

c. K2SO3

d. KI

e. HCN

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