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Posted by Shelley on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 4:04pm.

My teacher has us doing a virtual Titration lab on sciencegeek site but never demonstrated a Titration Lab so I really don't undestand it. We have to identify five unknown acids according to how much [H+} of acid is in each solution. We had the choice of adding NAOH in amounts of -05M or .10M or .40M.Then you pick to add base in amounts of 1.00mL or .10mL or .05mL. The three different indicators that can be used are phenolphathalien, methyl orange or thymolphthalien. I picked .40 M of NaOH, added it in amounts of 1.00mL and used phenolphathalien as indicator. I found it changed to color pink when I used 3.80mL of NaOH in the 25.00 of the acid. How do I figure out the [H=] of each of the unknown acids. That is what this lab was about. I just guessed at the amounts of base and the indicator. Is there any more reliable method to selecting the indicator or amount of M or mL of NaOH to be added.

Thank you-I'm really stuck-please help me to understand this

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