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For this writing assignment, you are going to see words out of order and perhaps not in the correct form you will need for the sentence. Make a correct sentence using all elements that you are given.

1. être/monsieur/grand/mince/et
2. et/petit/être/la fille/brun
3. gros/grand/et/être/les hommes
4. intelligente/la femme/être
5. être/blond/les amies
6. être/nous/roux
7. intelligent/tu/être
8. je/intelligent/une étudiante/être

Can you check my answers?
1. Monsieur est grand et mince.
2. La fille est brune et petite.
3. Les hommes est grand et gros.
4. La femme est intelligente.
5. Les amies sont blonde.
6. Nous sommes roux.
7. Tu es intelligent.
8. Nous sommes intelligent.

  • french -

    3. Les hommes = plural. Not the men (they) IS but (they) ARE = sont grands et gros. (If the subject is plural, the verb and adjectives will be also.

    5. Basic in French is, if the noun is feminine and singular, all adjectives will be as well. If the noun is plural and feminine (as Les amies is in this sentence), all adjecives will also be feminine and plural = blondes

    8. Plural subject = plural verb = plural adjective. intelligents.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • french -

    For 8 I would say :
    Je suis une étudiante intelligente

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