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a pendulum has a bob of 0.20kg and is suspended by a string of negligible mass near the earth's surface. the pendulum is displaced from its equilibrium position by the angle of 8.0 degrees. it passes the equilibrium position 0.50 s after being released. calculate the length of the pendulum,max. kinetic energy and max. velocity of the bob!

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    Get the length L from the period P.
    The period is 2 seconds because it takes 1/2 second to accomplish 1/4 of it. (maximum deflection to zero deflection)

    P = 2 pi sqrt(L/g)= 2 seconds

    L/g = (1/pi)^2
    L = 0.994 m

    The maximum height that it gets raised is
    h = L (1 - cos 8) = 0.00967 m

    The maximum K.E. is M g h (which is the maximum potential energy)

    Use that to compute Vmax

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