December 22, 2014

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Posted by Franco on Monday, May 10, 2010 at 6:35pm.

Can you please tell me which is the best choice? I really hope you can have a look at it today. Thanks a lot!

1) He's going to take his car to a mechanic ( or mechanic's?)
2)How are the different pilgrims presented and what are the main themes covered in the tales?
3) Describe their journey and explain the significance of its (?) route.
4)Refer then to the elements of nature (as ?) described by Chaucer in the opening of (or to?) the Canterbury Tales.
5) Present the character of the Prioress pointing out her appearance, education and behaviour. How would you describe Chaucer's tone in depicting her?
6) He's visiting the dentist.
7) Read the sentences on your monitor.
8) You mustn't damage the school furniture.

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