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I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here...

Question: A solution is 0.3% by mass calcium chloride. Therefore, 145 g of the solution contains how many grams of calcium chloride?

My solution:

145g x (0.3g / 100g) = 0.435g

or 0.44g CaCl2

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

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    0.435 g CaCl2 looks ok to me. Are you keying the answer into an on-line data base? If so, I notice you have only 1 place in the 0.3% (unless you just omitted the 0 as in 0.300%) and that may be too many significant figures. I would go with 0.4 g CaCl2 as the answer. Let me know how this turns out.

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    Dr.Bob222 -

    You are absolutely right. It totally slipped my mind that 0.3 has ONE sigfig. Thank you.. your help is much appreciated!

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