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Posted by Jason on Friday, May 7, 2010 at 1:14pm.

A heat engine has the three step cycle shown above. Starting from point A, 1 L (liter) of ideal gas expands in the isobaric (constant pressure) process A to B at P = 2 atm. B to C is isovolumetric process at V = 5 L, and C to A is an isothermal (constant temperature) compression at 300 K. (Note that the diagram is illustrating V vs P. This should make no difference in your calculations. )

i found the pressure at point C to be .4 atm and the heat exhausted from B to C to be 6000J

also on the picture it shows from C to A T=300[k]

If the net work done by the engine per cycle is 480 J, find the work done by the gas during process C to A??.

i got -5681 but that isn't right

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