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How long would it take a 1 200 W heater to melt 1.00 kg of ice at -12.0°C, assuming all the energy from the heater is absorbed by the ice? (Assume the specific heat of the ice is 2 090 J/kg · °C and the latent heat of fusion of water is 3.33 105 J/kg.)

what formula do you use, the fact it asks for time, throws me off

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    Calculate the number of Joules of heat required (Q), using the mass, specific heat of ice, temperature rise and latent heat of fusion.

    Q = M[10 C(ice) + Latent heat]
    = 1.00[10*2090 + 3.33*10^5]
    = 3.54*10^5 J

    Then divide that by the heating rate in Watts (J/s) for the answer in seconds.

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