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Posted by Sam on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 7:28pm.

Could someone please tell me what equations i am suppose to use to work out these problems.
A capacitor in RC circuit has two overlapping plates of width 3.40 m and length 8.90 m separated by 2.60 cm. A dielectric of dielectric constant being 73.0 fills the space between the plates. A capacitor of 400. ìF is connected in series with a resistor of 13.0 kiloOhms, a perfect switch, and a 28.0 V battery. Initially there is no charge on the capacitor, and the switch is open.
a) What will the voltage across the capacitor be 9.00 s after the switch is closed?
2.The circuit is then left for a long time with the switch closed so that the capacitor fully charges to 28.0 V. The switch is now carefully opened so that no charge leaves the capacitor and the battery is also replaced by a resistor of resistance 11.0 kiloOhms
a) What will be the voltage across the capacitor 20.0 s after the switch is closed again?

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