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Please help!!!!!!!!!!! algebra

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Quan is shopping. He can buy 2 pairs of pants and 1 shirt for $79.85 ( before tax is added). He can but 1 pair of pants and 2 shirt for $69.85 (before tax is added). To figure out how much a shirt or a pair of pants costs,you must first identify the variables. What are the variables in this problem?

a) 2 shirts; 1 pair of pants
b) how much more pants cost than shirts
c) the number of combinations of pants and shirts
d) the price of pants, the price of shirts

  • Please help!!!!!!!!!!! algebra -

    "To figure out how much a shirt or a pair of pants costs"

    Now which of your choices deals with the price of each item?

  • Please help!!!!!!!!!!! algebra -

    Shanne and Kate are preparing to go on long car trips with their families. Shane bought 8 books and 2 CDs for $73.50. Kates bought 3 books and 4 CDs for $69.95. Both totals were without tax. All of the nooks were the same price and all of the CDs cost the same. How much did a book cost?


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