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Hi, this is a reply to the question I asked earlier. I asked about the classification and functional group of an organic compound. It has bonds between H-C-C-H.
Off of each Carbon is single bonds of Hydrogen above and below. making a total of 6 Hydrogens and two carbons. They asked the classification of the organic compound-choices are:
none of these

I thought it would be an alkane because this is an ethane compound, I think?

Second part of same question, I rechecked the diagram, there are no OH bonds but they asked the functional group of the molecule-
choices were-
carboxylic acid-

Dr. Bob, I agree it can't be any of those because it does lack OH bond-that is what is confusing me-my teacher is insisting the diagram is correct but I don't think so.

If you could just let me know if the first part that the organic molecule I described would be classified as an alkane, is that correct or not?

Thanks so much-

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    OK. I misunderstood about the H atoms. You have CH3CH3 which makes it an alkane, specifically, ethane.
    Unless they have changed the rules about functional groups (and when I see the IUPAC rules nowdays, that may be possible), I don't see how ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, or alcohols are in the picture. When you find out what is going on I would appreciate you posting it.

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    I'll let you know-thank you

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