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The half-life of 13252Te is 3.26 days. This isotope decays by beta emission to a highly unstable intermediate that decays rapidly to a stable product by beta emission.
(a) What is the ultimate product obtained from Te-132? Write a balanced equation for this reaction.
(b) Gaseous H2Te is made with Te-132. When the tellurium isotope decays, the H2Te produces H2 and the ultimate decay product of Te-132. Write a balanced equation for the formation of stable products from H2132Te.
(c) If a pure sample of 0.0117 mol of H2Te made entirely of Te-132 is placed in an evacuated 2.20-L flask, how much H2Te remains after 89.0 h?

If the temperature is 29°C, what is the pressure in the flask?

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