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Homework Help: Grade 11 health

Posted by AL 87 on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 5:51pm.

This is an assignment, and it's a formal letter to parents about what they need to do when preparing their kid's lunch. Can somebody check it, please? I want some changes because it doesn't sound right.

School Food Safety and Nutrition Program

Dear Parent or Guardian,
This is a letter to inform you about your child or children’s school lunch. They are encouraged to bring healthy, peanut-free foods. For instance, you may pack all fruits, vegetables, crackers, sandwiches (except peanut butter), peanut-free granola bars, or yogurt. If you give them any junk foods, it will make them feel unhealthy and possibly obese.
The best place to pack your child’s lunch is in a lunch bag, and here are some tips to consider:
• Place an ice pack inside the bag to keep foods cool.
• Store fruits and vegetables inside separate containers.
• Put the sandwiches in a Ziploc bag.
Our school has a policy which advises students to avoid bringing any product that contains nuts like peanut butter, Reese’s, or tree nuts. Do not pack these products because there is a possibility that someone can have an allergic reaction to peanuts.
Lastly, we have a no-food sharing rule. Please tell your child (or children) to not share their food with other people if they are sick and get another person ill and if someone is lactose intolerant, do not give them anything that contains lactose. (E.g. cookies, pizza, dry cereals)
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at (905) 250-6630, ext. 3300.


Mr. Wallace

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