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I really need help so please help.

write the first trigonometric function in terms of the second trigonometric function.

sec x; tan x

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    think of sec x as 1/cos x.

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    oops i take that back

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    big hint: sec x is the hypotenuse of a triangle with legs tan x and 1.

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    sin^2 Ø + cos^2 Ø = 1
    divide each term by cos^2 Ø

    sin^2 Ø/cos^2 Ø + 1 = 1/cos^2 Ø

    tan^2 Ø + 1 = sec^2 Ø

    sec Ø = √(tan^2 Ø + 1)

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    Thank you, Reiny! It helped me a lot.

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