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3rd grade math question

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OK- my daughter got this question for math homework "Buses leave boston for reno 2X a day, every day. Buses leave reno 2X a day for boston, every day It takes 5 days to travel from boston to reno.

if you are traveling to boston how many buses will you meet on their way to reno? [the answer is not ten]

thanks for your help!

  • 3rd grade math question -

    If it takes five days....

    Condsider this:
    On Monday, two buses leave Boston, the first leaving in the morning, arriving Sat morning (5 full days on the road).
    When it arrives in Reno, Tuesdays busses, Wed, Thur, Friday buses are on the road. You, leaving early Sat morning, will meet those ten buses on the road. But you don't get to Boston for another 5 days, and you have to meet all the buses leaving Sat till you get to Boston, or 10 more buses.

    I count 20 buses you meet.

    check my thinking.

  • 3rd grade math question -

    how many 50s are in 4,000

  • to ester: 3rd grade math question -

    Ester, if you have a new question to post, you should go to the top of the page, click on "post a new question" type it in and post it. Questions posted piggy-back style as you have done on another question often gets overlooked.
    However, 4000/50 = ??

  • 3rd grade math question -

    Hasan made a modelfor 437 using 4 hundreths,3 tens, and 7 ones. What are two other ways he could show 437 using base-ten blocks?

  • 3rd grade math question -

    3 hundred 12 tens 17 ones

  • 3rd grade math question -

    i didn't come here for an answer i came here to know what is the answer to how many 50s are in 4,000

  • 3rd grade math question -


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