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Identify the molecule that has polar bonds but is non-polar (net dipole moment is 0)

a. CHCl3
b. NH3
c. BCl3
d. SCl2
e. H2S

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    You want the molecule that is symmetrical in the 3 dimensional shape. Do you know the shapes of these molecules?

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    The molecular geometry?

    The last two are bent?, I believe. (d,e) Hydrogen can only make a single bond, right?

    Um. The first has zero lone pairs and four bonds, so it's tetrahedral, maybe. (a)

    I think the third is trigonal planar. (c)

    And the second is.... uh, like one lone pair and three bonds. So, trigonal pyramidal, then.

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    OK. You know the shapes rather well. So a is tetrahedral; however, with 3 H and 1 Cl, it cannot be symmetrical so it will have a net dipole moment. NH3 is trigonal pyramidal (tetrahedral electronic geometry) so it will have 3 Hs and a lone pair so it will not be symmetrical and will have a net dipole moment. Following that line of reasoning, which do you think is symmetrical, which means no net dipole moment.

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    Since the first two are bent then they will have a dipole moment, also.

    BCl3 has equally spaced bonds between its three, so that one would be symmetrical, meaning no dipole moment.


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    Very good.

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